I am pleased to introduce you to our New Mondelēz International Biscuits Display Unit, extendible from two to four tiers, it is a really eye catching unit and has a modern look. Even if the till-point remains the main driver, when we talk about Biscuits, (for example Belvita Breakfast and Oreo), we normally associate them with hot beverages.

That’s why we highly recommend to place the biscuits stand, next to your hot beverage offering to help encourage cross category purchases.

It is also important to consider secondary display areas such as the chilled or wall stand because these are just as valuable as till point if well presented.

Don’t risk losing sales – make sure you price all your products.

70% of sales are impulse buys on a site, so displays need to be engaging for the consumer.1

If a product is displayed and priced in the right way it will help increase frequency of impulse purchases. 

Great and productive location: Inefficient location:
Next to the till point Behind other Display Units
Next to the Coffee machine Far from the till point
Next to the main Confectionary display Far from the Coffee machine (consumers need to have the opportunity to buy Biscuits with their coffee)
1 Kantar WorldPanel Purchase Data (IH & OTG)52 w/e 13 May 2012

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