Confectionery is not only the most valuable category in your store, it is also the most impulsive category2. This means it can help you unlock more sales in your store.

Great display is key to driving incremental sales opportunities in your store.

Great displays make it easy for your shoppers to select what they are looking for and inspire them to buy what they hadn't considered.

Sales Opportunity Banner Sales Opportunity Banner

Our key principles help to maximise conversion from shopper to buyer:


Can you see the category?

Is there a main fixture and secondary sites?

Category Management

Is the fixture tidy and logical to shop?

Are shelves and hooks fully stocked?

Brand Merchandising

Does space reflect market share?

Are best sellers in best selling locations?

Range Assortment

Does the range include best sellers?

Does it cover all need states: self - eat, sharing and gifting?


Use manufacturer point of sales material

Make pricing clear

Maximise use of promotional stock


Make the most of brand investment- have displays in-store when consumer will be most aware of products

Be aware of seasonal opportunities

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1 Cadbury UK UK Internal Research, Sep 2007
2 CPT Tracking Program, Spring 2012