Dairylea Rebrands as Dareylea for On-Pack Campaign

Dairylea, is aiming to get families out of their comfort zone this summer through a new on-pack campaign.

The ‘We Dareylea You!’ campaign will see Dairylea triangle, spreads and slices packs rebranded as ‘Dareylea’ for 3 months. Special packs will include a series of cheesy dares that aim to encourage families across Britain to get out and about and undertake a series of fun challenges.

The campaign is part of Dairylea’s long-term ‘Feed the Fun’ positioning, targeting ‘balancer’ parents who take an ‘everything in moderation’ approach and love to reconnect to their inner child by playing and engaging with their kids.

The campaign will be supported by out-of-home, online, social media and radio activity.

Take advantage of the fully integrated campaign to support the launch and look out for ‘Dareylea’ packs