Philadelphia Love Your Ends Competition

Following the hugely successful ‘Don’t Waste It, Taste It’ campaign in 2020, Philadelphia is launching a second campaign to fight food waste, Love Your Ends. This year the brand is going bigger and bolder, aiming to reach 84% of UK millennials and raising awareness of the mission Philadelphia is on. Live now across social and digital channels, the new campaign builds on the brand’s sustainability credentials and continues its journey of doing what is right for the planet, helping retailers encourage their shoppers to reduce waste.

Bread is the most wasted ingredient in the UK. What’s more, over the course of a year an astonishing 1.2 billion[i] end slices of bread are disposed of. As the perfect creamy companion to bread, the brand is challenging shopper behaviour to drive real change by showing consumers how they can #LoveTheirEnds. This will be achieved through raising awareness of the scale of the problem through crafted assets across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Video on Demand, including regionally-targeted ads highlighting the different words that different areas have for their ends, crusts, toppers, heels, knobbies or knockers. Philadelphia has also partnered with six well-known UK food influencers to provide recipe inspiration and encourage consumers to change their behaviour and #lovetheirends. The influencers’ video content is supported with media across social and digital.

[i] North London Waste Authority (NLWA)