Cadbury Boosts Range with its First Protein Single

Cadbury is offering consumers the chance to enjoy a new Cadbury Boost offer from this Summer - the same chewy caramel Boost taste now with the added benefit of protein.

Available now, Boost + Protein contains 12 grams of protein - four times more protein and 32% less sugar than standard Boost bar, with no compromise on taste. The bar is made with the same tasty Cadbury milk chocolate and chewy caramel combination that consumers know and love, combined with protein crisps

The protein bar market is worth £51m and growing by 54% YOY which is being driven by the lifestyle, taste driven segment as mainstream consumers look for ways to boost energy and balance their diet1. Boost + Protein presents a great opportunity to drive category penetration and frequency by attracting consumers looking for ‘better for you’ snacking choices and driving trade up.

What does this mean to the retailer?

  • Single bar delivering on taste while meeting the growing consumer need for a protein offering
  • At RRP4 £1.49, Boost + Protein is a cash trade up vs singles RRP 65p
  • Group this with other protein chocolate bars and ‘hunger bars’ in the main chocolate fixture or on the counter
  • Stock up on packs and use manufacturer POS for heightened awareness