Cadbury Encourages the Nation to Become a ‘Secret Santa’ this Christmas

I’m so excited to be able to let you in on a special secret Cadbury Christmas mission...

Cadbury has recently revealed its magical new Christmas campaign to celebrate the thoughtful but secretive tradition of Secret Santa gifting. The new TV advert calls upon people across the UK to try their hand at becoming a ‘Secret Santas’ for the day, in order to show their appreciation to their loved ones through the gift of Cadbury chocolate.

Running on TV throughout November and December, the TV advert shows Cadbury lovers from all across the nation doing their best to secretly deliver a Cadbury chocolate surprise to their loved ones, all in an attempt to spread the Christmas spirit. From a husband sneaking out late at night to surprise his wife who works a night shift, to a young boy sneaking the Cadbury Retro selection box into his Dad’s garage unnoticed, Cadbury are on hand to help everyone celebrate the joy of giving surprise gifts this Christmas!

Be sure to stock up on Cadbury Christmas gifts to ensure your customers can become their very own family’s Secret Santa this festive season.