Cadbury Roses on Screens

Everything’s coming up roses! We’re pleased to announce a £2.8 million marketing campaign, to celebrate our much loved Cadbury Roses.

Our new advert demonstrates how a ‘thank you’ is more meaningful when you give it, rather than just saying it. The creative follows the story of a little boy, who, to his father's surprise, says 'Roses' instead of thank you in everyday situations. He says it on his journey home from school, to the driver who stops at the zebra crossing, the waitress in the café handing him his favourite drink, and more. ‘Roses’ is the only way to show his appreciation.

It continues to show that this unusual behaviour is inspired by a conversation he overheard between his teachers discussing how best to say thank you – with Cadbury Roses!

Make sure to stock up on Roses, to help your customers say ‘thank you’ in this period of heightened awareness for the product!