Cadbury Shoots to Win with Biggest Ever On Pack Promotion

Boy do I have an exciting promotion that your shoppers will love…!

Your customers can win big with Cadbury’s biggest ever on-pack promotion…That’s right, Match & Win is back and we’re aiming for a hat trick, as we’ve ramped up three key elements of the campaign to create even more excitement.

We have more prizes, we’re across more promotional packs (standard and PMPs), and we’re across more categories - which includes biscuits, singles, duos, sharing bags AND drinking chocolate.

To win, all your customers need to do, is simply enter the barcode and batch code found on the back of one of our 203 million promotional packs (marked with the Match & Win logo). Our website then generates a score prediction for a REAL Premier League match. If the score prediction matches the final game result, your customer wins!

What does this mean to you?

  • Our bold packaging and branding stands out on shelf, so consider secondary sites such as a cross-category display for the promotional packs of bars, bags, biscuits and drinking chocolate to drive further incremental sales
  • Use our POS to be bold in-store and generate excitement
  • Stock up now to take advantage of this high-profile campaign and media investment to help drive impulse sales