Green & Black’s Premium Treat, for One

I’m very pleased to announce that our very own, premium chocolate brand, Green & Black’s, has launched two new premium bars...

  1. Green & Black’s Truffle is a dark chocolate truffle wrapped in a smooth dark chocolate shell
  2. Green & Black’s Praline is a luxurious milk chocolate praline with chopped, roasted hazelnut pieces, wrapped in a smooth dark chocolate shell

They include ingredients that are ethically sourced with no artificial flavours, preservatives or colours - which is a big plus for today’s conscientious shopper.

Why should you stock Green & Black’s new singles?

  • Help boost sales by exciting consumers with new tastes and textures
  • Utilise Green & Black’s POS for unmissable visibility in store
  • Supported by significant investment – stock up in advance of heightened consumer awareness