Mondelez set to boost Halloween sales with scarily good 2020 line-up

Mondelēz International is kicking off the 2020 Halloween season with a raft of thrillingly themed confectionery to help retailers get into the spooky spirit and capitalise on the growing opportunity.

Halloween has become a valuable earner for convenience retailers, so take full advantage of this and create excitement for shoppers. Retailers should stock up on the Mondelēz range of self-eat and sharing novelties launches across both chocolate and candy ranges, offering products for consumers to enjoy independently as a treat or to share while hosting a family Halloween party.

This year sees the return of the popular Cadbury Goo Heads, available in Creepy Skeleton, Pumpkin, Frankenstein, Dracula or Werewolf variants. The strikingly-packaged Cadbury Goo Heads are available individually or in a pack of five, offering value and convenience to customers.

Candy is a key contributor of sales growthi. Within the segment, chew products, are the third biggest format after mixes and jelliesii. This year’s portfolio taps into this, with the return of Maynards Bassetts Dead Chewy, a great-tasting chew product. Each 162g bag contains individually wrapped chews in a variety of fruity flavours, making it the perfect fit to share and enjoy during a family Halloween party at home.

Cadbury Oreoooo will also return for Halloween 2020 in the form of 82g bag of Oreo Mini Filled Eggs, with striking Halloween branding designed for strong standout on shelf. The product is designed to further drive impulse purchase of sharing novelties in the Halloween segment, combining the nation’s favourite chocolate with the one of the world’s favourite biscuit brands

In addition to these exciting products, Mondelēz International is also launching two new treatsize bags – Cadbury Family Treatsize and Freddo and Friends Treatsize, both including an assortment of Cadbury favourites to enjoy with family. 82%iii of consumers claim they look out for Cadbury when shopping for confectionery, so these launches are sure to be a hit with shoppers, with strong stand-out on shelf. They join the existing Treatsize portfolio, which includes Cadbury Crunchie Treatsize, Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Treatsize and Cadbury Fudge Treatsize, all offering a great addition to Halloween parties at home.

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Halloween portfolio information:

Product name: Maynards Bassetts Dead Chewy
Product weight: 162g
RRP*: £1
Case size: 12

Product name: Cadbury Oreooooo
Product weight: 82g
RRP*: £1
Case size:

Product name: Cadbury Goo Head
Product weight: 40g
RRP*: £0.55
Case size: 48

Product name: Cadbury Goo Head Five-Pack
Product weight: 200g
RRP*: £2.85
Case size: 28

Product name: Cadbury Goo Head Minis
Product weight: 89g
RRP*: £1.49
Case size: 22

Product name: Cadbury Treatsize Bag
Product weight: 222g
RRP: £2.79
Promo: £1.40

Product name: Freddo and Friends Treatsize Bag
Product weight: 191g
RRP: £2.79
Promo: £1.40

Product name: Cadbury Crunchie Treatsize Bag
Product weight: 210g
RRP: £2.79

Product name: Cadbury Fudge Treatsize Bag
Product weight: 202g
RRP: £2.79

Product name: Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Treatsize Bag
Product weight: 170g
RRP: £2.79

*Prices are recommended only. Retailers are free to set their own prices.