Renowned French biscuit brand, LU, to launch in the UK

LU biscuit varieties

Celebrated French biscuit brand, LU, has launched four delicious biscuit varieties in the UK for the first time.

Le Petit Chocolat, Le Petit Beurre, Le Petit Biscotte, and Le Petit Citron will offer customers a quintessential taste of France to enjoy at home. With simple, authentic ingredients and inspired by traditional French recipes.

LU’s story begins in 1886 when founders Jean-Romain Lefèvre and Pauline-Isabelle Utile fell in love over their shared passion for baking and their desire to make the most delicious biscuits. Putting the first initials of their surnames together, LU was born.

There are four biscuits in the range: Le Petit Beurre with its iconic oblong shape, Le Petit Chocolat a crunchy Petit Beurre with an indulgent layer of milk chocolate, Le Petit Citron a soft texture and delicate lemon flavour and Le Petit Biscotte, the subtle flavour of brown sugar and cinnamon with a rich crunchy texture.

The delicious product is aimed at consumers looking for a treat and will help to drive sales in stores and excitement to your range.

Product information:
  • Le Petit Beurre, 167g, RRP* £1.50, case size 6
  • Le Petit Citron, 140g, RRP* £1.50, case size 7
  • Le Petit Chocolat, 150g, RRP* £1.50, case size 14
  • Le Petit Biscotte, 200g, RRP* £1.50, case size 10