Stock up for the New Year

What advice can you offer on ranging and merchandising around New Year?

Retailers should stock a range of products that meet consumer needs throughout the day, whether it’s the number one breakfast biscuits, Belvita Breakfast1, for the morning, a mid morning treat such as Oreo, and lunch and evening essentials like Philadelphia and Dairylea, to maximize sales.

We would recommend that retailers cover the consumer sharing need at New Year by stocking up on products that cater for people entertaining family and planning parties, as well as offering last minute gift options.  Consumers with friends and family visiting them at home during the festive season will look to offer sharing treats.

Retailers should make shopping a convenient experience for the shopper and look at positioning different products together in-store to cater for specific shopping missions and encourage purchases. For example, position Belvita Breakfast biscuits and Kenco coffee together for an on the go breakfast, or confectionery sharing bags near wine for gifting and entertaining, both of which could be a key reason for visiting a store over the New Year period.

Retailers should all make sure they have full availability of all the best selling products and merchandise stock according to how shoppers shop the fixture, focussing on big, well-known brands to drive sales.

What is the best way for retailers to promote their range to consumers?

People often take advantage of the New Year holiday period to visit friends and family, picking up gifting or sharing products along the way. This makes the period a key time to take advantage of distress purchases, making point of sale material (POS) particularly important to retailers around this time.

POS can be invaluable to retailers if used well, creating excitement and theatre in store, and disrupting consumers on their shopping journey so they see more than just what they entered the store for. POS can also be used to inspire ideas – for example grouping products for gifting and sharing together, or recipe suggestions for entertaining during the festive period.

An invaluable tool for creating a secondary site for products, POS is particularly useful to draw consumers’ attention to seasonal products and promotions. Shelf strips and wobblers are good examples of POS that can be used to this effect.

What products should retailers stock to make the most profit from New Year?

Top-up shopping is one of the key customer shopping missions for independents so make sure key products such as coffee, confectionery, and sweet and savory snacking products, are located near the front of the store to appeal to shoppers and supported by strong point of sale.

Retailers should also take advantage of changing consumer preferences and evolving tastes, and stock up on premium and super premium brands across all categories to encourage shoppers to trade up and help increase profit.


Coffee is one example of this. With the growth in the ‘Coffee Shop’ culture and premiumisation trend, consumers are seeking better quality coffee so retailers should stock up on super-premium and wholebean coffee brands such as Kenco Millicano and Carte Noire, as they are driving growth in the category2. This is even more key over the New Year as customers trade up to better quality products to share when entertaining their guests at home.

Meal for tonight

The ‘cooking from scratch’ trend, driven by shoppers on a “meal for tonight” mission is also important to cater for around new year. This mission is also in growth3, helping to create more opportunities for versatile recipe ingredients like Philadelphia Tubs and Philadelphia Simply Stir.

In May, Mondelēz International launched two mouth-watering Philadelphia Simply Stir flavours, Mushroom and Garlic & Herb. Simply Stir takes just a few minutes from pouch to plate and the end result is always smooth, creamy and fantastically Philly - whether topped on to chicken, stirred into pasta or used as a creamy pie filling.

The range should be sited next to Philadelphia in the chiller aisle to inspire shoppers looking for a more convenient way to make a delicious meal


Due to the strong associations with gifting, chocolate and confectionery are key products for retailers to stock during the run up to New Year. The UK confectionery market is worth over £4.7bn4 and growing. Chocolate confectionery, the largest sector of the market at over £3.5 billion5, is driving growth, thanks to an assortment of NPD and the rise of night in sharing occasions6.

In the UK, sugar confectionery is worth just over £1.1bn7. Sugar bags contribute considerable value to the whole confectionery category at £541.9m8, growing at 5.7 per cent9. Mondelēz International sugar bags are worth more than £106m10, with brand favourites including Maynards and Bassetts.


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