Trebor Offers Retailers and Shoppers the Opportunity to ‘Get Minted’

Good news, our convenience channel exclusive promotion, Get Minted, is back!

Live until 17th June 2018, our promotion aims to help you drive excitement and sales, by offering consumers a chance to win one of 102 prizes, ranging from £50 up to a whopping £5,000. Consumers win by simply unwrapping Trebor packs and finding a ticket revealing if they’ve won a cash prize.

And it’s not just consumers who win; you have the chance to win too! Retailers who stock Trebor and display Get Minted POS, we’ll match the value of each cash prize for retailers where winning packs are purchased.

Prize coupons are hidden within selected wrappers of the following Trebor products:

  • Extra Strong Peppermint 41.3g
  • Extra Strong Spearmint 41.3g
  • Softmints Peppermint 44.9g
  • Softmints Spearmint 44.9g
  • Softmints Peppermint 100g - NEW
  • Softmints Spearmint 100g - NEW
  • Mighties Mint 12.6g
  • Mighties Berry Mint 12.6g
  • Mighties Mint 44.5g - NEW
  • Mighties Berry Mint 44.5g - NEW
  • Price marked pack[1] versions of the above.

How to display the Get Minted promotion in your store
Here are some great examples of Get Minted promotional material displayed in store last year:

Canon Pyon Stores, Hereford

Canon Pyon Stores, Hereford

Canon Pyon Stores, Hereford

Cuplings Coffee Bar, Leominster

Saffrons Cross Garage Bodenham, Hereford

SPAR College Green Store, Hereford

St Owen’s News, Hereford

St Owen’s News, Hereford

Download your Get Minted POS here

What does this mean to the me?

  • Following the success of Get Minted in 2017 - which succeeded in both exciting shoppers and driving sales by an increase of 8.5% during activation period1 - this year’s promotion aims to help you drive mints impulse sales
  • Use Get Minted POS in store to draw attention to the promotion and to be in with the chance of winning
1IRI Data Independents & Symbols, value sales MAT, YTD w.e.18.06.17