Trebor Offers Thousands of Consumers the Chance to Win Cash Prizes

I’ve got some great news for you, from Trebor!

We’re excited to announce our latest promotion, in which we’re offering thousands of consumers the chance to win over 10,000 cash prizes; Trebor Win Small.

Trebor Win Small aims to create excitement in store by offering thousands of chances to win cash prizes, ranging from £5 to £50.

Our promotion is based on the idea that while a small cash prize may not change your life, it will certainly put a smile on your face. Your consumers can win by unwrapping a pack and finding a YOU’VE WON message inside, which entitles them to a small cash prize.

You can find T&Cs and download impactful POS and in-store media, in addition to promotional posters from:

Prize coupons will be hidden within selected wrappers of the following Trebor products:

  • Extra Strong Peppermint Single roll (41.3g), 4-pack (165.2g) & 7-pack (289.1g)
  • Extra Strong Spearmint single roll (41.3g) & 4-pack (165.2g)
  • Softmints Peppermint single roll (44.9g), 4-pack (179.6g) & 7-pack (314.3g)
  • Softmints Spearmint single roll (44.9g), 4-pack (179.6g)
  • Price marked pack versions of the above

What does this mean to you?

  • Use POS in your store to draw attention to the promotion
  • Following the success of the brand’s Get Minted campaign, this year’s promotion aims to help you drive impulse sales
  • Stock up ahead of increased awareness