Cadbury Dairy Milk Launches its new Advertising Campaign

Check out our latest Cadbury Dairy Milk brand campaign, kicking off on British TV on the 18th January 2014. The eight- week campaign, will celebrate the full roll out of our new Cadbury Dairy Milk’s contemporary packaging design, reminding consumers of the delicious and chocolaty taste of Cadbury Dairy Milk; an iconic brand known and loved by consumers since 1905.

The Ad centres on a main character, featured at his desk in his beige, run-of-the-mill office, on hold on his telephone: an every-day scene familiar to all of us. He reaches for his Cadbury Dairy Milk which, as soon as it’s eaten, triggers an immediate release of joy, mirrored by the infectious on-hold music he’s been patiently listening to.  Unable to help himself, he exuberantly lip-syncs along with the music, unleashing his joyful side that has been kick-started by unwrapping and enjoying some Cadbury Dairy Milk.

You can check out the ad here, or go to our Cadbury YouTube page.

Don’t forget to stock up while we’re on air, and help your customers can find the chocolate they’ll be looking for.