Join Spots V Stripes


The London 2012 Olympic Games is a huge retail opportunity, so it’s never too early to see how your store could maximise this massive opportunity with our initiatives.

As the Official Treat Provider of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, Cadbury kicked off a two-year campaign where the nation split into two teams – the spots and the stripes - and play games in the lead up to London 2012.

Cadbury is raising the excitement around the campaign with a dedicated Spots v Stripes website, compelling TV, outdoor advertising, PR and new product development. We’ve also made some fun changes to existing products.

To help retailers maximise the potential of the 2012 Games via Cadbury’s initiatives, we’re offering retailers exclusive advice called ‘Steps to 2012 Success’.

Your steps to success:

Take advantage of NPD promotions by stocking as early as possible. It’s also good to double sit on promotional displays and main fixtures.
Maximise use of official sponsors marketing material to create in-store theatre.
Don’t forget a great London 2012 display in your store doesn’t just help your sales, it supports our athletes too.
From a commercial perspective, getting involved in your community is a good thing. It can enhance your outlet’s uniqueness and drive customer loyalty and appreciation of the service being offered.
To help retailers build connections with their local community, we’ve put together a practical guide for retailers which can be viewed at

The London 2012 Olympic Games is happening all over the UK, so Cadbury will be holding Spots v Strips events throughout the country. You can find out more by going to