Focus and visibility is key to drive confectionery sales

Confectionery has an estimated value of £651 million1 within the industry, so a business like yours can really benefit. To make the most out of this huge opportunity, you’ll need to balance displaying the right amount of confectionery with other important products like soft drinks in a limited space.

Here are some good pointers:

Display top-selling lines that consumers know and trust.
See how this range can then help drive incremental sales. For example,
If hot beverages are a core offering, a biscuit-based confectionery product will complement it.
If customers skip dessert, a ‘take out’ confectionery line by the till can help drive impulse sales.

Fitting to your customers profile is important too. If you cater for people going back to the office after a break, offering mints and gums is a good idea. If they are using your place for meetings, a sharing-format bag could drive incremental sales.

Here are some interesting shopper facts:

50% of shoppers2 buy confectionery purely on impulse
68% of shoppers3 don’t even notice confectionery in outlets
80% of those4 who do notice actually buy

So the better your display, the better your sales. Just make sure your main confectionery display is visible, in high-footfall areas, has leading brands and uses the right POS to drive impulse purchase.

And remember to get your display material today. 

1. Caterer & Hotelkeeper
2. Fin Coffey, National Account Controller for Out Of Home at Cadbury
3. Maude Roxby Data 2009
4. September 2007, Cadbury Internal Research