Drive sales this summer of sport

2014 is a bumper sporting summer so make sure you are not missing out on those potential extra sales.

World Cup DaveFootball World Cup
12th June – 8th July
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Wimbledon DaveWimbledon
23rd June – 6th July
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Tour De France DaveTour De France
5th July – 27th July
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Commonwealth Games DaveCommonwealth Games
23rd July – 3rd August
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Top Tips

Find out what activity is going on in your area, are there any ‘street’ based activities near you? Will there be more passing trade or an opportunity to run a franchise at an event?

  • Glasgow is preparing for an influx of around 6,500 athletes, 1,500 Commonwealth Games officials, 6,000 journalists and more than 1m spectators.1
  • Further afield, televised games usually mean more friends and family gatherings, so be ready for the those 'big nights in'
  • Ensure you are stocked up for key dates and keep an eye on the weather as the BBQ season approaches

Create a great atmosphere in store, there is a range of material available from Cadbury to help. The range includes:

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  • Bunting
  • A2 Hanging Cards
  • A3 Poster
  • 1m Shelf edges
  • Cadbury Dump Bins

Take advantage of promotional stock such as Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations on trial price, our range of PMP Sugar bags and Trebor 50p off promotion.

Use secondary sites for bestselling lines in high traffic areas. Our Cadbury dump bin is perfect to use to create a highly visible feature, so consumers don’t miss their favourite confectionery.

With more people out and about, don’t forget to make sure your ‘on-the-go’ range is comprehensive, we recommend having a specific area for 'on-the-go' snacking, covering a range of categories.

Bag those sales - gatherings are great for confectionery gifting and sharing lines, but make sure your bag fixture and carton range can be seen in store. Click here for our merchandising guide to confectionery bags. In store tests saw a 37%2 increase in value sales after retailers followed our merchandising principles.

1 Scottish Grocer - Distributor gears up for the Games, May 2014 2 C-Store Shops project 2014

Look at other areas in your store:

main fixture secondary fixture till zone