Snacks & Snacking

Snacks: Fast Facts!

There are 36 snacking categories; a snack is any food/drink eaten instead of, or in between, a meal

Snacking performs multiple roles and is a necessity in busy lives: from keeping energy levels up, relieving hunger to enhancing mood

Snacking is universal, it is bought by everyone, in every channel and consumed both in and out of the home

Snacking accounts for 50% of all eating occasions, with 91% of shoppers snacking multiple times throughout day

Snacking accounts for 37% of total grocery sales and shows consistent growth ahead of total grocery

Snacking predicted to be worth an additional £8.2bn by 2023, growing faster than Total Grocery

Data = Hartman Future of Snacking report
Data = 52we March 2019, Kantar WPO

Top 10 Snacks1

  • 1Vegetables
  • 2Fruit
  • 3Milk
  • 4Chocolate
  • 5Cheese
  • 6Sweet Biscuits
  • 7Carbonates
  • 8Cold Meat / Pate
  • 9Crisps
  • 10Bread & Rolls

Data = 52we March 2019, Kantar WPO

To help retailers drive their snack sales we have developed in-store activation advice, which we group into three areas:

Shopping Made EasyAdvice on how to make it easy for shoppers to identify and select what they are looking for & provide solutions that meet their shopping missions.

Inspire to BuyAdvice on how to trigger the impulse purchase that consumers hadn't considered when they entered the store.

Better Choices Advice on range consideration, including having a broad range of snacks on offer from lighter to luxury treats allowing your shoppers choice and the ability to make fully informed decisions when in store.

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Better Choices

Impulse snacks are a critical component of total snacking, accounting for £8.7bn, 18% of total snacking value. Impulse snacks are basket builders, highly expandable and cater for a broad range of needs; from light and permissible to premium and indulgent. Be aware of latest trends such as permissibility and sustainability to keep impulse range relevant.

Data = 52we March 2019, Kantar WPO

Time to snack!

There are six snacking peaks throughout the day and two key shopper missions.

Our recommendations to maximise your snack sales

Make it easy for shoppers to find products.

Create great displays that encourage the consumer to look around and be inspired. Displaying and promoting complimentary products together can encourage additional purchases.5

Customers expect on-the-go snacks to be at the front of the store, so site relevant products here to ensure ‘grab and go’ shopper satisfaction.

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