Crisps and Savoury Snacking

Market overview

Savoury snacking is a key opportunity for retailers. In the UK alone, the crisps and snacks category is worth £2.2 billion1 making it one of the largest and most significant snacking categories – the same size as the biscuits market, and larger than that of carbonated drinks.

Like confectionery and biscuits, savoury snacks can be:

  • A planned or impulse purchase
  • Highly complementary to other categories in your store

This makes the category a good sales driver.

Key to driving sales - display and stocking the right range

The UK savoury snacks market is currently dominated by the traditional fried potato crisp, but the market is ripe for innovation so it’s really important that retailers keep up with trends and look to stock new innovation.

What to Look for in New Products

  • Great taste
  • Appropriate pack sizes
  • Plenty of support - Display and media!

Merchandising recommendations

Cross category opportunities

Cross category opportunities

Consumer snack through the day, with 6 key snacking occasions, 3 of theses are highly relevant to savoury snacking:

  • Lunch
  • Afternoon treat
  • Evening snack

To maximise additional opportunities consider:

  • Include Crisps and savoury snacks in meal deals, perhaps merchandised next to the fridge
  • Offer product in high traffic secondary sites to capture that impulsive ‘treat’ moment
  • Consider secondary site near complementary ‘evening sharing snacks’ for example with beverages or dips

NEW Ritz Crisp & Thin

Ritz is an iconic brand with 85% consumer awareness2. The brand has a strong heritage and 81 years of baking expertise making it uniquely placed to create a new savoury segment to expand savoury snacks within the UK.

Ritz Crisp and Thin

A deliciously innovative, baked and light potato snack – ‘Ritz Crisp & Thin’.

New Ritz Crisp & Thin has been scored ‘outstanding’ in independent taste tests and ranked in the top 25% of all European savoury snacks initiatives in last ten years.3

The product is available in four popular flavours - Cream Cheese & Onion, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sweet Red Chilli and Sea Salt & Black Pepper. Ritz Crisp & Thin will also be available in sharing bags, and single bags, to meet both entertaining and on-the-go occasions.

The taste and texture are unparalleled and the premium brand positioning and packaging will appeal to those looking to ‘Ritz-Up’ any occasion.”

Ritz Crisp and Thin Flavours
30g single bag
  • Cream Cheese & Onion
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar
  • Sweet Red Chilli
  • Sea Salt & Black Pepper
100g sharing bag
  • Cream Cheese & Onion
  • Sea Salt & Vinegar

The launch will be heavily supported in the UK with high profile TV advertising, posters, sampling and in-store activity.

Top tips for merchandising crisps and savoury snacks:
  1. Stock the best-sellers and latest innovations to ensure the most popular brands are represented to appeal to the largest range of customers.
  2. Ensure you have a clear offering for both top-up and on-the-go shopper missions. Ritz Crisp & Thin is available in both 100g sharing bags and 30g single bags.
  3. Use manufacturer POS to highlight products, particularly when you introduce new lines such as Ritz Crisp & Thin.
  4. Make the most of manufacturers’ media investment by stocking and displaying products when activity is running.
  5. Crisps and snacks link with other categories, for example alcohol or dips. Consider cross-purchasing opportunities to maximise sales to help drive these impulse purchases.

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2 IPSOS Brand Tracking
3 Nielsen Bases EU Overview 2014