Biscuits are available in 3 formats: Sweet, Savoury & Healthy. The category is relevant to two of the strongest shopper missions in convenience: On the Go and Top Up. Great display is key to driving sales.

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Our principles to maximize conversation of shoppers to buyers


Offer a range that represents each subcategory:

  • Sweet
  • Savoury
  • Healthy


Clearly offer ranges for both the top- up and on –the- go shopper

Shopper needs are very different so it‘s a must to focus on both missions in your store


Focus on best seller and brands backed by investment- these are what your shoppers are looking for.


Space should reflect latest trends

In Sweet biscuits everyday treats are a key opportunity unlike everyday biscuits, which are in decline.


- Use manufacturer point of sales material

- Make pricing clear

- Maximise use of promotional stock


Make the most of brand investment- have displays in-store when consumer will be most aware of products

Be aware of seasonal opportunities

Satisfy your shoppers with a range to cover all day parts and missions

Top Up Range

Making Biscuits easier to shop

Having a clear Top-up selection and on the go selection is key, and within both of these selections, biscuits need to be clearly grouped into sub categories:

Your 'Top-up' range should represent 80% of the space you allocate to biscuits, and the range is likely to be better placed away from your 'On-The-Go' range.

Top tips to unlock Top Up opportunity

Clearly segment the layout so there are distinct sweet, savoury and healthy biscuit zones within the fixture. Stock breakfast biscuits within the healthy biscuit offer.

Proportion space to represent the size of the opportunity: Sweet should have the most space at around 60% of space, and savoury and Healthy around 20% of space each

Within Sweet don’t over index on 'Everyday value' – this should only represent 20%-30% of 'Sweet' space, depending on your local demographics

Make sure you are fully stocked and prices are clear, or stock PMP's. Utilise the middle best selling shelves for everyday treats.

Focus on Best sellers and products in growth within each sub category

Use manufacturer POS to highlight ranges

Top Up Products Display Main Fixture - Planogram

On The Go

Making Biscuits easier to shop

Top tips to unlocking the opportunity in 'On The Go'

Your 'On The Go' range should represent 20% of the space you allocate to biscuits. Stock 'On The Go' formats such as single proportion packs.

This mission is far more impulsive so find high traffic locations to site the range, ideally near the front of the store. Ideally position away from your top up range.

Clearly segment into Sweet, Savoury and Healthy biscuits. Include breakfast biscuits in your healthy biscuit range.

Consider dual siting near complimentary categories- such as drinks, coffee machines

Make sure you are fully stocked and prices are clear, or stock PMP's

Focus on bestselling brands

Help inspire consumers to buy. Consider displaying breakfast biscuits adjacent other categories – for example a coffee machine.

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Information courtesy of C-Store shopping project 2016


Pictures Courtesy of C-Store 2016
1 Engagement research for Mondeléz International UA July 2015
2 Nielsen, September 2015

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