Coffee Made HappyInstant coffee, as opposed to roast and ground coffee, is still the most widely consumed at home, however the range of instant coffees available has expanded from just granules and powder to include freeze dried, speciality freeze dried and whole bean instant.

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Recommended best sellers

Good Mixes Nescafé Cappuccino
    Nescafé Original 100g
  • Nescafé Original 50g
  • Rappor 100g
  • Red Mountain 100g
Better Premium
    Nescafé Gold Blend 100g
  • Kenco Smooth Refill 100g
  • Kenco Rich Refill 100g
  • Nescafé Gold Blend Refill
Reduced Caffeine
    Kenco Decaff Refill 100g
  • Nescafé Decaff 100g
Best Super Premium Carte Noire 100g
Wholebean Instant Kenco Millicano Refill 85g

The key trends are Premiumisation, the move to refills and sustainability.

Top tips for coffee

  1. Keep on top of the latest trends, particularly premiumisation, and ensure the growing sectors are well represented on shelf so you don’t disappoint your ‘top up’ shopper.
  2. Kenco RefillsStock refill packs. More than 60 per cent of consumers decant their coffee, refill packs are lighter for your local customers to carry and they have a positive environmental effect.
  3. Don’t let lack of space be your excuse. A wide range of tastes can be catered for in two or three shelves.
  4. Focus on bestsellers that consumers know and trust within each coffee sector.
  5. Cover a range of qualities from Instant Granules to Super Premium.
  6. Lay out the category from ‘Good’ to ‘Better’ to ‘Best’ to facilitate the trade up to better quality coffee visually.
  7. Make the most of price-marked packs.
  8. Use POS such as posters to highlight new ranges when you make changes or introduce new lines.
  9. Consider holding staff tasting sessions when you introduce new lines, so they can talk with confidence about the different types of coffee available.
  10. Use POS to promote associated categories such as sugar and milk. A good coffee and hot beverage range is likely to impact sales of these ranges.

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