Are you getting your slice of snacking cheese sales?

From the highly versatile soft white cheese, to 'on the go' cheese snacks, spreads for sandwiches and cheese slices for burgers, there is a snacking cheese product to meet all your shopper's needs so it’s a category worth getting right.

The snacking cheese segment equates to 18.4%1 of total cheese and is growing at 1.5%2. Mondelez International has a 41% share of this segment with the number one brand, Dairylea3. The cream cheese subcategory is worth £125m4 and Philadelphia is the UK’s number one soft white cheese brand5.


Why Stock Snacking Cheese?

Total Snacking cheese is worth £486m8

9/10 households buy snacking cheese each year, purchasing on average once a month9

British households spend nearly the same on snacking cheese as they do on tea each year9

Where is the snacking cheese opportunity?

Keep it Simple: Availability, ease of shop & range of products are key needs of c-store shoppers10

Meet the Top Up Shop: 85% of c-store shoppers do a top up shop each week10

Maximise Food to Go Growth: Currently worth £4.8bn predicted to grow +63% by 202010

Top tips for merchandising cheese:

  1. Focus on top sellers from brands shoppers know and trust
  2. Avoid duplication to ensure shoppers have more choice – stock a breadth rather than a depth of range
  3. Ensure the fixture is well stocked and clean at all times
  4. Position best-selling lines in the best-selling location on the fixture (central on fixture within shoppers eye line)
  5. Maximise fixture flow to help shoppers scan and shop the range by putting formats and brands together within subcategories
  6. Increase visibility by front facing products rather than penny stacking
  7. Use manufacturers POS to highlight products on the fixture
  8. Meet the top up mission – stock small packs vs. larger bulkier packs (59% of shoppers walk to store)12
  9. Make the most of Price Mark Packs - shoppers perceive them as good value
  10. Meet the 'On the Go' mission – stock cheese snacking lines with sandwiches/drinks

Maximise the 'Food To Go' Opportunity

Cheese DisplayMaximise impulse sales and meet the food to go shopper mission by locating single eat cheese snacking lines (Kids Snacks, Lunch Combinations) in a separate on-the-go chiller with sandwiches and drinks.

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