Display advice for the Hot Zone

All shoppers visit the payment area and front of store, these high traffic areas are referred to as the hot zone. It’s a great location to inspire purchase in your store, and 34% of all unplanned purchases come from this area1.

Display advice for the Counter Display

Hot Zone Recommendations

Use the counter area for products shoppers expect to see - research has shown that shoppers will deselect categories they do not expect to see. Cadbury and Extra are the most frequently recalled brands at till point and in the research group nearly all consumers either purchased gum, chocolate or sweets.2

Ensure you stock the best-selling lines in the hot zone

Use manufacturers point of sale and equipment to help create visible and attractive displays

Site the very best sellers in the very best location eg within arm's reach of the till.

Given confectionery is the most impulsive category in your store if your space is limited it is the category to prioritise when it comes to secondary fixtures.

Display advice for the Counter Display

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Information courtesy of C-Store shopping project 2016


1. Ireland Black Book, Dec 2008.

2 2008 FOS research by flavour and visuality