Main Fixture Advice

It's so important the main fixture is logical, tidy and easy to shop - not convinced?

How many Cadbury Twirls can you see?
Confectionery Treats

Main Fixture Recommendations

Group products by product format - for example singles with by other singles, selection boxes by other selection boxes

Position best sellers inthe best selling location (the Hot Zone).

Within product formats and segments, and without moving best sellers away from the best selling locations, group brands together

Use manufacturers POS to highlight products where possible

Ensure all shelves are fully stocked

Have clear prices in position

Ensure shelf edges are clean so product looks at it's best

Where possible take product out of it's case

Only double face very top selling lines

To find the 'Hot Zone' on your display ask the following questions:

  • How does the shopper approach the fixture?
  • Where do they stand to browse the fixture?
  • What is directly in front of them is the key buying area and the diamond around this represents the next most viewed are or 'Hot Zone'?