Seasons Made Simple

Seasons Made Simple 2014

Halloween treats

Our guidelines to a spooktacular Halloween:

  1. Have a really tight range
  2. Focus on the best-sellers and innovation:
    • No1 Cadbury Screme Egg1
    • No2 Cadbury Crunchy Spider1
  3. Spook your customers with fangtastic display using counter
  4. On the day, or a few days before why not create some extra theatre and get your staff to dress-up!

A Cracking 2013!

Christmas 2013 was focused on what sells well.

Our recommended range grew by 38% compared to the top 40 SKUs which only grew 13%4

What retailers had to say

On average, sales of seasonal confectionery grew by 92%3in our case study stores which followed our Seasons Made Simple principles.

“The Cadbury Christmas display unit was a huge success and we have never sold so many advent calendars. We have always had a display but this one went up earlier than normal and generated sales for Bonfire Night and Halloween as well. We sold a tremendous amount of chocolate”
Dean Holborn; Holborn’s South Nutfield, Surrey

Londis - Burgess Hill

“We were very competitive in the run-up to Christmas…so our confectionery sales were good. Mondelez installed a Christmas display unit which was eye-catching and therefore worked well with our customers”
Kazem Hossini; Londis Burgess Hill

“The Cadbury Christmas seasonal display was a real sell-out with our customers, with advent calendars doing especially well. Volume sales of confectionery are high as we have run a lot of offers as well”
Mayur Patel; Saxon Field Stores Andover Hampshire

Christmas 2014

We are continuing to invest heavily this Christmas with new products and TV advertising.

Christmas POS and Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman Chocolate Our recommendations for retailer success this Christmas are:
  1. Stock the very best selling lines - focusing on making the top performing SKUs work harder:
    • With limited seasonal spend, it's more important than ever to keep seasonal ranges simple and focus on selling what sells.
  2. Start the season early:
    • Christmas starts in September5, with shoppers increasingly buying Christmas gifts early in the season.
    • 35% of Christmas gifts are purchased in October and November5 up 3% since 2007.
  3. Make the most of investment and media:
    • Cadbury will be on TV at Christmas again.
  4. Build great displays:
    • Utilise counter space for self-eat treats like NEW Cadbury Dairy Milk Mousse Snowman Chocolate and Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo Popping Candy.
    • Build impactful and inviting displays in store to showcase your Christmas range.
    • Utilise manufacturers POS.
  5. Availability is Key:
    • Shoppers buy through the season so make sure your display is kept shocked up and appealing all season long.

We suggest focusing on self-eat, novelties and giving and sharing

2014 Recommended Christmas Range

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Look at other areas in your store:

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