Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate now covers a range of formats with traditional formats of ‘add milk products’ and Cocoa being in good growth. Instant products are now available in in Single portions and also showing good growth in the total market.

Recommended Best Sellers

Drinking Chocolate Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 250g
Instant Chocolate Cadbury Instant Chocolate 280g
Diet Chocolate
  • Cadbury Highlights Stick Pack
  • Options Belgian Chocolate Stick Pack
Cocoa Cadbury Bournville Cocoa 125g
Malted Drinks
  • Horlicks 200g
  • Ovaltine 200g

Top Tips - Hot Chocolate and Other Hot Beverages

  1. Focus on top sellers, with brands consumers know and trust.
  2. Cover all subcategories. For example, for Hot Chocolate, include ‘with milk’, instant, light and cocoa.
  3. Don’t over offer customers with too many flavour variants. Instead, focus on top sellers.
  4. Offer single serve options on best-selling lines.
  5. Lay out the category in format type left to right, starting with hot chocolate with milk – a key sign post for the category.