Crisps and Savoury Snacking

Crisps and Savoury snacks are one of the largest and most significant snacking categories – the same size as the biscuits market, and larger than that of carbonated drinks.

Like confectionery and biscuits, savoury snacks can be:

  • A planned or impulse purchase
  • Highly complementary to other categories in your store
Snacking Pack Shots  

The UK savoury snacks market is currently led by the traditional fried potato crisp, but the market is ripe for innovation so it’s really important that retailers keep up with trends and look to stock new innovation.

Top tips for merchandising crisps and savoury snacks:

Stock the best-sellers and latest innovations to ensure the most popular brands are represented to appeal to the largest range of customers.

Ensure you have a clear offering for both top-up and on-the-go shopper missions.

Use manufacturer POS to highlight products, particularly when you introduce new lines.

Make the most of manufacturers’ media investment by stocking and displaying products when activity is running.

Crisps and snacks link with other categories, for example alcohol or dips. Consider cross-purchasing opportunities to maximise sales to help drive impulse purchases.

Remember the basics, be fully stocked and ensure stock is clearly priced

Merchandising recommendations

Top Shelf
Premium & better for you

Premium Crisps located at the top to encourage trade up and incremental purchase.

Second Shelf
Tortillas & ridged crisps

Tortillas position adjacent to premium due to differentiated texture & higher price points

Third Shelf
Crisps: Single flavour

Single flavour Crisps central to the fixture as traffic builders

Fourth Shelf

Snacks positioned near the bottom of the fixture due to lower price points

Bottom Shelf
Snacks: Kids

Kids snacks positioned at the bottom as they have the lowest price points

Cross category opportunities

Cross category opportunities

Consumers snack through the day, with six key snacking occasions, three of theses are highly relevant to savoury snacking:

  • Lunch
  • Afternoon treat
  • Evening snack

To maximise additional opportunities consider:

  • Including crisps and savoury snacks in meal deals, perhaps merchandised next to the fridge
  • Offer product in high traffic secondary sites to capture that impulsive ‘treat’ moment
  • Consider secondary sites near complementary ‘evening sharing snacks’ for example with beverages or dips
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