belVita Extends Single-Serve Range with Popular Blueberry Soft Bakes

belVita, the UK’s number one1 healthier2 biscuit brand, is extending its Soft Bakes range with the introduction of a new single-serve blueberry variant to target on-the-go shoppers.

The launch of belVita Soft Bakes Blueberry will be part of a wider marketing campaign in the first quarter of 2020, which will focus on the Soft Bakes sub-range.

belVita Soft Bakes Blueberry is the perfect product for shoppers looking for a convenient breakfast to give them energy for the whole morning3. The belVita brand is growing and Soft Bakes also had a great year in 2019. The Blueberry flavour has been incredibly popular with shoppers in its multipack format. belVita has a 62%4 repeat purchase rate so it’s a great product to offer in your range.

To help retailers define and segment their biscuit main fixture and highlight a ‘breakfast biscuit’ section, Mondelēz offer shelf strips, while there is a belVita dispenser to help display product in secondary locations, both are available to order on the POS Order Page.

Product information

Product name: belVita Soft Bakes Blueberry
Product Weight: 50g
RRP: 60p*
Case size: 20

*Prices are recommended only. Retailers are free to set their own prices
1Nielsen, Total Coverage, Value Sales, WE 28.12.2019
2‘Healthier’ biscuits as defined by Nielsen
3Belvita biscuits have a high content of slowly digestible starch, which is a slow release carbohydrate. Consumption of foods high in slowly digestible starch raises blood glucose concentration less after a meal compared with foods low in slowly digestible starch.
4Kantar WE 08.09.2019