Act On Instinct


Well hello there!

Carte Noire Instinct, the first wholebean instant from Carte Noire that launched last year, has now been made even better with the introduction of new stick packs.

The new pack offers the excellent taste of Carte Noire in a convenient single-serve format. Each stick is the perfect size for a single serving of an Arabica-rich blend of both instant coffee and finely milled beans. Priced at £2.25*RRP, each box contains 10 sticks.

Why should you stock this in your store?

Carte Noire Instinct is already worth £7.2m1 and this new format looks to continue to build on this.

So what does that mean for you?

  • Offer customers a wider range of coffee products
  • Liven up your shelves with exciting new brand extensions

These are available for you to purchase in depots now.


*RRP's are recommended only. You are free to set your own pricing

1 Source Nielsen (Data to WE 26.1.2013)