Kenco Refill PMPs

Kenco Refill PMP

Exclusively for the Convenience trade, we are launching permanent price-marked packs, (PMPs) of our successful Kenco Eco Refill coffee range.

Kenco Rich, Smooth 100g (both £3.291) Decaff Eco Refill 100g (£3.591) and Kenco Millicano Eco Refill 85g (£3.291) are now available to order and pick up in your local Cash and Carry and Wholesaler.

Did you know?

  • Hot beverage shoppers are spending double the amount of the average shopper in convenience stores.2   
  • 95 per cent of shoppers say they would buy a coffee PMP from their convenience store3,
  • 44 per cent of shoppers walk to small stores4, so the lighter weight of Kenco Refill packaging makes sense for these customers5.

Our packs look to help independent retailers to drive value sales and boost their coffee range.  Why not check out our Coffee display page, for more information.


1 RRP Pricing is recommended only. Retailers are free to choose their own price. Non PMP packs also available 2 him! CTP 2012 3 him! PMP research Aug 2011 4 Kantar Worldpanel LinkQ, Data to November 2012, 1 year continuous panel 5 87 per cent lighter than the jar equivalent packaging